Don't Worry Blue Jeans

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Don't worry blue jeans are made of high-quality stretchy denim fabric. It brings some streetwear vibes to all who wear it. It goes on every sneaker you can choose. But we decided to go to the white Air Force and a black t-shirt. Wear these without worry. You can return without worry too, but you will like it how it slim fits, we promise 

Jeans Features

  • Blue Ripped and Distressed Jeans 
  • Stonewashed Denim
  • Slim Fit 
  • Button Fastening  
  • 5-Pocket Design
  • Materials : 97% Cotton and %3 Elastane 
  • Weight: 0.75 kg / 1.65 lbs
  • Code: 4694

Model's Size 
Height : 5′7 / 175 cm
Weight : 135 lbs/ 60 kg
Item size : 30

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