Blue Distressed Jeans

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Jeans By Monocloth 


  • Dark Blue Ripped and Distressed Jeans 
  • Extra Stich Work on both legs 
  • Stonewashed Denim
  • Button Fastening  
  • 5-Pocket Design
  • Weight: 0.75 kg / 1.65 lbs

Blue Distressed Jeans Code

Blue Distressed Jeans are made of high-quality stretchy denim fabric. It is designed to create a rebellious vibe. We put on extra details, with stitches and rips, and a stonewashed look. Besides as you can see It has a skinny fit. It goes on every sneaker you can choose. But we decided to go to white Airforce1s. 

Model's Size 
Height : 5′7 / 175 cm
Weight : 135 lbs/ 60 kg
Item size: 29

About Distressed Jeans 
Stretchy Denim Fabric, Ripped 

97% Cotton and %3 Elastane 

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