Your Guide to Summer 2018 Trends for Men’s Street Wear Fashion

With changing seasons come a plethora of trends and this summer 2018, men’s fashion is anything but dull and uninspiring. From ripped jeans and striped joggers to tonal dressing and vertical stripes, it’s the season to hit the streets in style.

This year, the biggest names in the world of men’s wear fashion have resorted to trends that incorporate easy to wear pieces while eliminating the painfully boring factor.

And to make sure you’re well aware of what’s haute and what’s not, here are some of the hottest summer street wear trends for the season.

Side Stripe Trousers

2018 is the revival of the side stripe pants with luxury designers putting out plenty of collections on the global runways. From skinny versions by Balmain to Prada’s coordinating tops, not to forget Valentino’s retro athleisure wear, there was a piece defining every man of today.

The key to pulling off the side stripe trousers right is maintaining a balance. Sport the attire with a pair of trainers while adorning a slim fit shirt and you’ve got a fashion savvy look up your alley.

White from head to toe

All white everything is trending as a major summer street style for men this season. It’s the easiest way to get that 80’s era vibe out there and boy does it make a statement!

If you don’t happen to be bold enough to try out this look, how about switching things up a bit. Swap your white top layer for a blue jacket in denim or a tailored navy blazer perhaps. Maybe switch up those white pants with a pair of ripped jeans. And as far as shoes are concerned, penny loafers or striped joggers will liven up your attire. 

Tropical print shirts

The resurgence of this summer staple is making head waves in street style looks all over. Fashion world giant Louis Vuitton had the audience awe struck when he showcased tropical print shirts in their collection.

Opt for designs in a seamless array of color palettes and don’t forget to pair it up with some well fitted dark hued chinos or casual ripped jeans too. Even if the weather doesn’t seem to be on your side this year, that shouldn’t stop you from flaunting tropical paradise prints all season long.

Vertical stripes

Breton stripes have now become a summer institution and the men’s world of fashion isn’t complaining one bit. The new go to design pattern has become a ground breaking style statement for men all over.

Whether its bomber jackets, T-shirts or suits, the trend manages to create an effortless look for men to flaunt on the streets. Vertical striped shirts are allowing men to make a statement alongside a pair of ripped jeans and striped trainers for a look that can be worn any time of the day.

But don’t go too crazy as stripes can turn out to be a lot to look at in terms of a fashion perspective. When opting for the pattern, one vertical stripe clothing is more than enough. The double vertical striped look can often prove to be too much, even for the most daring to pull off. 

Ripped jeans

Get the ultimate street style summer appeal with ripped jeans this 2018. Whether its denim, black or white; pick your favorite amongst a variety of colors up for grabs.

Your go to staple for this summer 2018 season are these jeans, paired up with an oversized shirt and striped pattern joggers. Feel free to accessorize it up with hats, silver chains or beaded bracelets. The choice is all yours.