Update Your Street Wardrobe with These 5 Surefire Tips

Update Your Street Wardrobe with These 5 Surefire Tips

2018 calls for some street style fashion inspiration like never before seen. It’s time to switch things up a bit this season by revamping your wardrobe with sure shot winners. We’re talking everyday contemporary pieces mixed with an edgy street style touch.

And with summer upon us all, what better time to upgrade your personal style than now. From redefining classics to clothes that add a touch of phenomenal fashionable flair, here are our top 5 tips on how to update your street wardrobe the easy way. Let’s take a look.

Switch it up with ankle pants for men

There’s no such thing as a wardrobe upgrade than without the incorporation of stunning new pieces. But knowing what to include and how to pair it up with other men’s wear attire is usually where most people tend to miss out.

Ankle pants, also commonly known as cropped pants, have set the global fashion runways on fire with models daunting the trend left and right. From Armani and Kanye West’s Yeezy to Thom Browne and Versace amongst others, men’s wear is slowly being revolutionized by this trending style.

Choose your favorite amongst monochrome hues, zipped numbers or those with a crotched drop, the styles and designs to select from are plenty. Don’t forget to pair it up with sleek polo t-shirts, labeled tops or simply oversized sweats and hoodies. And as far as shoes go, moccasins, loafers, and sneakers continue to reign supreme in all their glory.

Go from casual to chic with denim shorts

The first thought that comes to mind when we say denim is jeans. But there’s more to it. This season, how about giving your style a makeover with everybody’s favorite material denim but in a way that’s never before seen?

We’re talking about the ultimate method to beat the heat while looking your absolute street style best using denim shorts. And when there are so many sleek styles to choose from, any modern day man has nothing to complain about.

For those who may seem to be a little indecisive at first, we promise this fashion fad isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Pick from a variety of hues that range from blacks and grays to the oh so popular shades of blue.

Flaunt them on the streets casually but with a little edge of course. Simple white shirts with sneakers are the direction to head towards this summer season. And just in case you happen to be one of those whose willing to show up in shorts to the next smart dressy yet casual affair, dress the part in crisp cotton shirts, and your favorite pair of loafers. Remember boys, opt for styles that are fitted but give you a little room to maneuver too.

Accessorize with sneakers

If there’s one trend that doesn’t seem to come to a halt any day soon, it’s the ever-evolving sneaker trend. This year men’s wear puts great emphasis on sneaker designs with styles that are now detailed using dressy leather concepts onto a subtly built sports coat.

Acting as the ultimate fashion accessory that distinguishes men from boys, sneakers behave as a status of power and class of their own. Lace-up details included cup soles alongside jaw-dropping sports coats are what we see as timeless street style wear across the board. And when paired with the perfect outfit, it’s a drool-worthy look sure to set you on fire.

Make a stellar fashion comeback with stylish shirts

T-shirts and shirts, in general, have been considered a men’s wear staple and favorite for generations and that’s why it’s time to switch it up a bit by getting shirty this 2018.

Upgrade your wardrobe with shirt designs that coincide with your personal sense of style and age too. Oversized shirts, printed back detailing, side riband designs and extended sleeve numbers are making head waves in the global men’s wear fashion scene and we can totally relate as to why.

Pair these beauties up with dropped crotch pants, baggy jeans, streetwear jogger sweatpants or the trending ankle pants and denim shorts mentioned above. It’s a sure shot streetwear winner in all fashion books.

Take up athleisure to a whole new level

Are you on the lookout for street wear that’s casual and comfortable yet grants wearers that rebel attitude? Fiery below the waist numbers are taking athleisure wear to new levels of fashion and your entry ticket to wardrobe upgrade on fleek.

These lit sweat pant designs come in a variety of styles that range from camouflage prints with side zippers and marching band prints on the sides to side block prints done right for those into the ever so trending multi stripe trends. Whether you choose to flaunt it to the gym or catch a Sunday brunch near the pool, we promise you’ll get noticed for all the right reasons.